American Staffordshire Terriers

Our Staffs

This page will introduce you to our Amstaffs.

We currently have our third generation with us now, and have been blessed to share our home and lives with these wonderful dogs.


GRCH TradeWind's Talisman OFA Pennhip DNA CHIC CGC TT RN

CJ's page



Tradewind's Bring the Rain

Baz's page


Esoteric's TradeWind's Retroactive OFA Pennhip DNA CHIC CGC TT RN CAA RATO

Kai's page

TradeWind's Moonlight Serenade OFA DNA CHIC CGC CA TKN

Luna's page



Below are our foundation Amstaffs.

Sadly, they have all passed and are now watching over us from the Rainbow Bridge. We were so very fortunate to have had each of them as part of our family.


      AKC CH Cards Tacoma Tonka                            AKC CH Hiley Winsome Ways                 Hickoryhills TradeWind Bell

                     CGC TT                                                    OFA CD ROH CGC TT                                    CGC TT

            *In Loving Memory*                                          *In Loving Memory*                                 *In Loving Memory*