American Staffordshire Terriers

News and Health Updates

 On this page you find updates on Show Results, Health testing, Temperament tests, and other titles and achievements. Please check back often, as we will try to keep it updated and current. 

All our dogs health tests are available on the OFA website at
*Health Alert:

We now have a DNA test for Ataxia - a horrible, disabling neurological disease.  Please make sure that any puppy you are interested in has been tested for Ataxia, or is cleared thru parentage by having 2 clear parents.  A dog tested clear or as a carrier will never become affected with the disease. Thru responsible breeding and testing, hopefully we will be able to iradicate this disease from the Amstaff gene pool in the future.

Our dogs are tested by board certified cardiologists for their heart exams. I cannot stress the fact enough to please have your dogs health tested and when doing cardiac, use a certified cardiologist. Veterinarians are not detecting these murmers and many dogs are "cleared" when in fact they can actually have severe cardiac problems. The OFA site is a great tool to use when researching health testing, and they do state, when a dog has had cardiac done, whether it was by a vet or a cardiologist. After the cardiac results and #, you will see a P for vet and a C for cardiologist. If looking for a puppy or dog, please ask if the parents have been cleared, and if a cardiologist was used. If you can find a puppy with 2 generations cleared, it is even better, and you have a greater chance of getting a healthy puppy. I have added some links to my Links page with information on cardiology and canine health.