Legislation Information

This page is dedicated to legislation, generalized and breed specific.  At this time, "pitbulls" and any dog that resembles them, is being prejudiced against in several states due to irresponsible ownership, and breeders who are not taking responsibility for their pups and allowing them to go to the wrong homes.  

Another major problem being faced by pet owners and hobby breeders are the Animal Rights groups and their attempts at ending pet ownership and the purebred dog.  Organizations such as HSUS ( Humane Society of the U.S ) PETA ( People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) and several others are behind all the proposed mandatory spay/neuter bills being introduced, anti-tethering, anti- crop and dock and they title them with names that are very misleading to the general public - Healthy Pets Act and the Animal Protection Act. All these bills are trying to do is to regulate pet owners into giving up their freedom of choice and these type of bills will also greatly impact the future of the purebred dog and cat.  Why would it be OK to import unhealthy and uncared for animals from Mexico and Puerto Rico, which is what these "animal rights" enthusiasts feel is appropriate. 

We are owners of our dogs and cats, and one should EVER use or refer to the term "guardian".  Once we are deemed "guardians" of our pets, we will lose all rights as to how we can care for them and what we can do with them: conformation, obedience, working and training venues.  

Responsible ownership is key to us keeping our rights to owning our dogs and cats.  I will try to keep this page updated with information regarding legislation and the areas it is being proposed in. Certain legislators deserve our Thanks for understanding the need to make the owners responsible.  ANY dog can bite or attack,  and owners need to realize that they are beginning to be held more accountable and responsible for the actions of their pets.   

 The below sites contain very helpful information regarding legislation thru out the country. Please visit them regularly to stay up to date on legislative issues.

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Humane Watch - Keeping an eye on the H.S.U.S.